Assistance and services

For blind and partially-sighted persons

Blind and partially-sighted visitors will have access to custom information at the event.

REVA has joined forces with the non-profit organisation Transkript to create a CD version of its REVAzine. These CDs will be sent to organisations and institutions for the blind and partially-sighted, where they will be made available to members. These CDs can also be ordered directly from Transkript against a fee.

C. Van Malderenstraat 33, 1731 Zellik
Tel: 02 466 94 40, fax: 02 466 92 86

For deaf and hearing-impaired persons

A sign language interpreter will be available for the entire duration of the event.

This service will be provided by REVA in collaboration with Vlaamse Doventolkendienst (the Flemish service for sign language interpreters). Simply head to the REVA Secretariat at the trade fair to book an appointment or contact Vlaamse Doventolkendienst in advance for more information.

Vlaamse Doventolkendienst CAB
Dendermondsesteenweg 449, 9070 Destelbergen
tel: 09 228 28 08, fax 09 228 18 14

Assistance for persons with disabilities

There is a separate nursing room with bed, hoist and nursing equipment. For changing diapers and probes, or for other operations that cannot immediately be done in an adapted toilet.

We don't provide assistance for medical procedures like catheterization. People that manage self-catheterization are welcome to use the nursing room.

Information at the reception at the beginning of the hall.

Child-minding service

REVA has joined forces with VIP School, a specialised secondary school run by the City of Ghent, to provide a child-minding service.

VIP School, Secundair Onderwijs Stad Gent
Martelaarslaan 13, 9000 Gent
Tel: 09 269 23 00; e-mail:


In collaboration with Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen (Red Cross-Flanders), we will provide several wheelchairs for visitors who have difficulty walking but do not have their own wheelchair. You can borrow one of these wheelchairs at the reception desk.

Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, Sociale Hulpverlening
Motstraat 40, 2800 Mechelen
Tel: 015-44 35 10, e-mail:

Bar and restaurant

In the trade show hall, you can order from a buffet offering a wide selection of sandwiches and cold dishes. The restaurant on the first floor, which is accessible by elevator and via a staircase, serves both hot and cold dishes.